“Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire” ~ book review

Hello, Bookhaolics! Today, I’m going to dive into reviewing the 4th book of the Harry Potter series, which is actually in my top three favourite H.P. books (and movies, of course). So, without any further introduction (’cause I don’t think it’s needed), let’s get on to it!


The fourth book in this amazing fantasy series follows Harry Potter, a wizard in his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the mystery surrounding the entry of his name into the Triwizard Tournament, in which he is forced to compete.

The Triwizard Tournament is one of the most important magical events, and it takes place every 50 years. During the event, the 3 greatest schools of magic (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang) compete for the great trophy and a prize of 1000 galleons. The selection of contestants is done at random by the Goblet Of Fire, which chooses one student (who needs to be at least 17 years old) to represent their school. However, an “error” has been made this year and Harry Potter, who is 14 years old, gets chosen to represent Hogwarts, along with Cedric Diggory. The rest of the story, is nothing but history in the Wizarding World.

1. A Reader’s POV on this book:

As a reader, I must say that the plot is much more gripping in here than it was in the previous 3 books. It has many more twists and turns, many more secrets to unveil, and it leaves you with many more questions than the previous H.P. books do. From this book on, the real entertainment and adventure feels like actually starting. But I’ll get to that in the next couple of posts. The most shocking event which takes place here is Voldemort’s revival (sorry for the spoiler, oops). The thing is, once this dude is really back, you know, flesh and bones and all that, he becomes unstoppable, so Harry and the good guys’ mission will be to (try to) stop him. But for the time being, Harry just needs to be focused on staying alive during the Tournament. And you will always be under the impression that this bitch is gonna die at any time; but then it might cross your mind that if the main character died here, there would be absolutely no point in naming the next 4 books after him. So you calm down, knowing he’ll be fine. BUT THE DAMN BITCH IS STILL TOO CLOSE TO DYING!

2. A Writer’s POV on this book:

Even though this is the first book of the series that brings a way darker vibe to its world, compared to all there was before, J.K. still couldn’t help holding back her little jokes (most of them being cracked in the most uncomfortable situations), but I suppose that’s what Leo’s usually do. However, I absolutely love the way she’s this close 👌 to killing Harry, but then she’s like “Nah, bruh!”, so she spares his life. And this is some sort of spiral, never ending, that she loves putting her most precious characters into. I bet she just enjoyed the traumas that she gave to that little boy and his friends!

And basically, that’s what a writer has to do: torture their characters, make the reader hate them for it, but then, in the last moment, decide on not killing the bitch (especially if you feel like you’re discussing your readers’ favourite characters). Your readers will come with their plates, begging for seconds, even if they claim to hate it. But they’re just a bunch of drama lovers, so you need to give them what they want. 🙃

That was all for today, see you on Friday (or Saturday, we’ll see ’bout that) with the next review!

LOL (Lots Of Love), ♡Patry


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