Six months of hard work had finally paid off. She held back her smirk, even though it required much effort. The rain was falling around her and everybody else at the ceremony, as if the sky was crying instead of her for her lost lover.

People who were making visible efforts to hold back their tears in front of her were patting her on the shoulder, or hugging her and telling her how sorry they felt for her boyfriend, how much of a nice guy he was and so on and so forth. It was so pathetic in her view, that she started spilling her own tears, but not out of the need to seem in pain.

The priest came to her after the burial ceremony had ended.

‘I’m sure he’s in a better place right now, child. I’m so sorry for your loss!’

‘Thank you, father!’, she said, softly and innocently.

‘I heard you two were going to get married, is it true?’

‘Yes, father!’ “But he was a goddamned cheater, father!”, crawled to the tip of her tongue, but was held inside by whatever holy power stops all the free criminals from confessing in public to what they have done.

‘I’m sorry that it had to be this way. All that I can say is that it was God’s will.’

“For all I care right now, father, God himself can marry him!”, she thought and a little smile made its way to her face, without her being aware of this. The priest believed that he was the one who made her smile, by talking about God and his will, so he returned her the smile and then simply walked away, leaving her all alone in the graveyard.

She looked towards her ex-boyfriend’s tombstone, with loathe shining in her eyes. As images of the explosion at his workplace were flashing behind her now closed eyes, she started feeling more and more content and proud of her great plan. It didn’t even have one single leak, to make anyone point at her.

With a last glare thrown his way, she touched her pocket. There it was. The last step she had to take in order to live her own happily-ever-after. A one-way plane ticket to Milan, Italy, bought with the deceased’s ID documents.

‘I told you I don’t like sharing’, she shrugged and then left for the airport, feeling no remorse or regret for what she did.

Published by patryswritings

I am a reader, a writer and a dreamer. I like to believe that I am really good at the first and last thing. However, I don't think that I am the best person to say how good I am at writing. Which is why I'm looking everywhere for feedback. :)

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