Mission accomplished

‘Anthony…’, she whispered his name in the dark. It startled him to hear her say his name like that. It’s been seven years since his wife last called his name so sweetly, so gently… and so husky.

He smiled while turning around in bed, being more asleep than awake, to face her side of the bed. After a moment, he managed to convince his arms to move in her direction. But he wasn’t able to hug her, as his arms would not move. He then tried to shift his body closer to her, only he found it impossible to even twitch a muscle. Something was wrong, and he could tell it by the chillness in the air, even though the windows were closed.

‘Anthony…’, his wife whispered his name again, only this time he heard it clearer and coming closer. What happened after this was too hard for him to comprehend. So he classified it as a dream and let it stay that way. Of course, in reality, it was more than just a dream.

Out of the blue, five nails as long and sharp as knife blades have made their way through his flesh, penetrating his throat. He gasped for air, but couldn’t feel it surrounding him. His vision faded into a blur, and right there, above his face, was his wife’s one. His dead wife’s face. Whiter than snow; and the blood still wet around her neck. That’s just how she looked when he burried her, seven years ago, after he had stabbed her three times in the throat.

He was afraid for his life, true enough. But he was frightened for his son’s life. The face above him was making visible efforts to speak, given both the limited strength spirits usually have and her torn neck.

‘I’ll… kill… him’, she said to him, although the high blood pressure in his body was preventing his ears from hearing anything. He wanted to scream and shout at her, in spite of his paralysis, so he was trying his hardest to move, or open his mouth.

As suddenly as it all began, everything ended and went back to normal. Anthony got off his bed, not caring about his bleeding neck. He ran to his son’s room and checked up on the kid. Dominic was safe and sound, sleeping in his peaceful, blue crib. The man swooped the little one into his arms and took him to his bedroom, to protect him. Little did Anthony know that he was indeed going to die from the wound that Dominique had left on him as her form of revenge. The man was crying in regret for the mistake that he committed 7 years before, meaning the murdering of his ex-wife, Dominique. He thought that she would find her peace after he named his first child after her and re-married a woman who looked similar to her. But apparently this has only enraged her enough to gain the necessary power to come and kill them herself.

He was waiting silently for his death, when the bleeding suddenly stopped. So Dominique has forgotten something. Something that she needed Anthony to see before he oh-so-peacefully passed away. And suddenly, the child stopped breathing.

‘I was easy on him’, he heard Dominique cackle. ‘Oh, so gentle I was. The little one didn’t feel a thing. But wait, please wait, for the bigger show.’

Already feeling dreadful, Anthony felt that he did not even have enough tears to shed for his dead baby. Dead because of his mistake that came haunting him after 7 years…

It was 2:30 a.m. which meant his actual wife, Diana, was about to come home from her night shift at the hospital. Anthony tried to go pick up his phone and tell her not to come home. But out of the blue, the phone caught fire. And just after that, the apartment’s front door opened. A bushy haired, brunette woman entered rapidly in the bedroom where the party was going on, holding her hands tight around her bleeding throat.

‘Impossible’, Anthony thought while his wife was dying right in front of him. He shrieked, yelling that he was never again going to regret killing Dominique. He heard a high-pitched laughter and then complete darkness surrounded him.

By the morning, all three dead bodies have miraculously vanished, all the blood and mess in the bedroom included. So the whole Jonas family had simply disappeared with no trace.

Just a few moments after Anthony’s death, a hole opened happily in a deserted hill’s ground, allowing a beautiful, bushy-haired woman to step out of it into the clear moonlight; as a form of reward for keeping the deal she had made with the Devil, or rather for accomplishing the mission He had given her.

Published by patryswritings

I am a reader, a writer and a dreamer. I like to believe that I am really good at the first and last thing. However, I don't think that I am the best person to say how good I am at writing. Which is why I'm looking everywhere for feedback. :)

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