Continuing your education beyond high school: is it essential if you want to get a well-paid job?

Off-topic Discussion #3

From my standpoint, the answer would be yes, especially if you want to get a serious, corporate job or even start your own business. You need a certain level of education in order to start your own business and make it be successful.

However, there is the possibility of self-educating through reading and leading a balanced, productive life. But of course, not every high-school graduate who doesn’t want to go to university will choose to self-educate. Which is why the companies almost always will require completed higher education forms, especially for better paid positions.

On the other hand, we all know rich people who didn’t bother too much with studying. They are famous singers, actors, innovative business owners. Or, why avoid the truth, they are drug dealers, hackers, paid assassins, prostitutes, night-club or casino owners and so on. Additionally, if you have ever considered one of these paths, you must also consider that the “success” and fame are not available to everyone who dreams about it.

The sad reality is that the fame of an artist isn’t even achievable by the ones that work the hardest or are the most talented. How many singers do you know who sound so good in the studio session but in live shows, they sound like crap? How many artist do you know that aren’t even making art, yet they dare call themselves artists and the people love them, just because “everyone does” and so they “sell” and get to be famous overnight. We all know writers who write complete shit, yet people are buying their books. This is the world in which we live: a world which does not appreciate art, yet it appreciates the meaningless words some bastards write, or “sing” or “rap”. A bad habit, which I personally find quite disrespectful for the people who make real art.

I am not trying to pull you back from making art. I’m just advising you to have a plan B just in case you don’t manage to succeed with music, or acting, or anything like that. You will need a job in order to survive if this dream of yours doesn’t become reality. So don’t abandon it. Keep working hard for it, but keep in mind that there is a great possibility to fail.

Oh, and I’m not even going to begin to tell you how risky and stressful an illegal worker’s life could get. I bet you can find that out for yourself, right? Yeah, it’s all fun and games in the Hollywood movie industry, but in real life, things are way much darker than they seem.

So, in my opinion, the best opportunity that you get is a solid education. After you finish university, your horizons are going to be so much more broadened, your network is going to be so much more solid and full of people with interests close to your own and your money is going to come almost by itself. (No, I’m just kidding with the part about money, you’ll still have to work hard for that lol.) :))

To sum everything up, my belief is that without education, your whole potential is going to waste, so you should see how you could make the best out of it, and how to make it reach its biggest value.

LOL (Lots Of Love), ♡Patry


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2 thoughts on “Continuing your education beyond high school: is it essential if you want to get a well-paid job?

  1. Unfortunately for many, higher education is out of reach due to its price, time requirement, or lack of accommodations (especially for neurodivergency). Sure, I’d love everyone to have the opportunity to get a higher education, but saying those who don’t or can’t are a waste isn’t really fair. I excelled at school and continued to earn a bachelor’s degree, but am still struggling in this job market. Yes, education can open doors and expand one’s worldview, but equating those who don’t/can’t to starving artists or illegal workers is just insulting. Just my two cents.

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    1. I thought about myself and others like me when I wrote this. And I have considered what you said, too. But since I myself don’t come from the richest family, so I know that I will have to support the biggest part of my university studies by myself and I also think that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”, the possibilities are endless: scholarships, part-time jobs, student loans etc.
      That is my opinion. And judging by me, if you don’t work hard for your dream, it isn’t going to achieve itself.


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