A poem about ghosts

Perhaps it’s just a game they’re playing. Perhaps it’s nothing important.
Perhaps they just want attention.
Perhaps they just want someone to play with.
Perhaps they only need to… socialise.
Perhaps they are bored…

Being dead must be pretty boring sometimes.
Being dead probably feels good sometimes.
Being dead could be fun sometimes.

Being dead… does it mean not feeling?
Does it mean eternal numbness?

Being dead could even be artistic sometimes.
Falsely exciting.

But still
There is one question that remains
And it is stuck inside my brain.

Doesn’t being alive feel the same?

Being alive must be pretty boring sometimes.
Being alive probably feels good sometimes.
Being alive could be fun sometimes.

But here’s the difference, laid down in front of your eyes.
Being alive… it still means feeling.
It certainly doesn’t bring eternal numbness.

Could it be artistic?
Or falsely exciting?

For those who feel. Yes.
For those who don’t…

Being alive could mean being dead.
Only not physically dead.
Not a decomposing body.

Still breathing,
Talking (although not always).

Ghosts can do it, too.
Oh, if only you knew!
How many ghosts you come across…

Or maybe even you are one of ours.


Published by patryswritings

I am a reader, a writer and a dreamer. I like to believe that I am really good at the first and last thing. However, I don't think that I am the best person to say how good I am at writing. Which is why I'm looking everywhere for feedback. :)

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