Undress Me Carefully

Undress me carefully. You might wonder what I mean.You may be bold, tenaciousAnd rush to uncover my skin. You might be daringAnd grab me by the hem of my blouse. Drag me over, Pull me against your bodyAnd kiss me:Passionately, Fiercely,Needing meAnd craving me. Or You might be softAnd trace your fingers along my face,AndContinue reading “Undress Me Carefully”

Am I Really Real?

Breathing. Starring into the void. Looking right at me– through me. Perhaps you really don’t see me. Screaming. Crying. Trying to make you see me. But you don’t. Everything on your face is just blank. Your eyes only move to blink. Your lips will keep caged in all the words your mind would want toContinue reading “Am I Really Real?”

Remove All Distractions

Sit down and study. Work for your dream. Remove all distractions Which might interfere. Get the books off of your desk. Your papers and your notes, Your clothes and your shoes. You feel drained of energy,So you simply throw them on the floor.But hey! You’ve got an empty desk,Maybe you can actually start focusing onContinue reading “Remove All Distractions”

A poem about ghosts

Perhaps it’s just a game they’re playing. Perhaps it’s nothing important. Perhaps they just want attention.Perhaps they just want someone to play with. Perhaps they only need to… socialise. Perhaps they are bored… Being dead must be pretty boring sometimes. Being dead probably feels good sometimes. Being dead could be fun sometimes. Being dead… doesContinue reading “A poem about ghosts”

Book recommendations

 As a (not willing to recover) bookaholic, I have come across a few good titles in my 14 years of experience with reading. Therefore, there are sooo many books that have changed my entire perception about life, made me become a better version of myself, inspired me and taught me something powerful and inspiring aboutContinue reading “Book recommendations”

Real Beauty

“Yeah, your personality is fine, not gonna lie, baby. But your body is even finer!”, he confessed, his eyes full of physical desire. That’s one cut. She yells in pain as the knife glides along her skin. But she doesn’t seem to be so bothered. She keeps crying out her internal pain. The physical oneContinue reading “Real Beauty”

“O scrisoare pierdută” de I.L. Caragiale

~Eseu: Tema și Viziunea asupra lumii~ “… fondul comediilor lui Caragiale este rece și cinic. Realitatea ce el ne zugrăvește nu ne poate încălzi, necum să ne entuziasmeze; ea e repulsivă și va deveni, din ce în ce mai repulsivă cu cât omenirea va înainta pe calea progresului  moral. În nici o operă clasică nuContinue reading ““O scrisoare pierdută” de I.L. Caragiale”

Informații generale despre “O scrisoare pierdută” de I.L. Caragiale

O scrisoare pierdută este o comedie de moravuri sociale și politice, scrisă de dramaturgul român Ion Luca Caragiale, în anul 1884, publicată în revista „Convorbiri literare”. Comedia O scrisoare pierdută este împărțită în patru acte. Textul este conceput ca o succesiune dinamică de replici, iar principalul mod de expunere este dialogul. Intervențiile autorului, adică indicațiile scenice sau didascaliile, sunt prezente de obicei la începutulContinue reading “Informații generale despre “O scrisoare pierdută” de I.L. Caragiale”