“The Green Mile” Movie Review by Edgar de Leon

Guest post #1

Before I get into Ed’s review, let me explain to you what’s going on here. So. Every Saturday I am planning to have guest posts here on my nlog and hopefully guest post on other blogs. The articles will be in Romanian or English, depending on the language in which the blogger decides to write. The guest posts will be reviews of any book or movie. If you want to have a guest post on my blog, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Now, without any further introductions, let’s see what my friend from Mexico, Edgar de Leon, has to say about “The Green Mile” movie.

“The Green Mile”- movie review

This is my review of the movie “The Green Mile”, based on the 1996 novel with the same name written by the well known Stephen King. The Green Mile is a 1999 American fantasy drama film.

Personally, I love this movie. I’m not a person that watches a movie over and over again. When I watch a movie twice I get bored and can’t watch it again but this movie is so good that I could watch it over and over again without any problem.

At first when I noticed the movie was 3 hours long I was having second thoughts about watching it. I mean, who’s got 3 hours to watch a movie? You actually have to plan this out. A two hour movie sometimes seems long, let alone three!

The Green Mile turns out to be worth watching for 3 hours; even after it’s over, you can’t help wanting to keep watching it. There are so many things going on that you wouldn’t even feel like time has passed by you on fast forward. You just don’t notice how it flies away.

It has really good actors; Tom Hanks, Davis Morse, Micheal Jeter, Sam Rockwell, just to name a few. Sadly, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away. I couldn’t believe it when I found out through social media. 

But let me tell you a little bit about this great movie. Don’t be expecting me to tell you everything because I don’t wanna give yu spoilers, though.

It all starts when John is sentenced to death by the electrical chair, after being found guilty of raping and murdering two little girls. He joins two other convicts on the block.

The block is a facility where they keep all the convicts that are sentenced to death row. Paul supervises the block along with other guards. 

While being there, the guards notice John has some type of powers and even though he looks scary, he has a big heart and he is humble.

Amazing things happen in the block where Paul is convinced that John could heal somebody else outside the facility. But it will be challenging. 

Finally realizing that John is innocent, Paul is distraught at the thought of executing him, and offers to let him go free. John, however, tells Paul that he wishes to die, as he views the world as a cruel place, and is in constant pain from the suffering people inflict upon each other.

This is my review of the Green Mile. I hope you will enjoy this movie and come back and tell us what you think about this incredible story by Stephen King.

Thank you for reading!

Edgar De Leon

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